Being an Escort

Assessing your suitability for the job of visiting escort

Not every woman is suited to the role of escort. It is not solely about physical appearance though that can be a strong determining factor for many clients, if not all. Age is a consideration though there are many older escorts who cater for men who enjoy the company of mature women, and younger escorts who specialise in providing companionship to older men. The same goes for height, body shape, hair colour. Variety is the spice of life – be comfortable with you who are.

  • An aptitude for the work – a woman who is uncomfortable meeting new people will not make for a successful escort. The outgoing, fun loving and vivacious escorts are those who enjoy the most success and attract the most loyal, regular clients.
  • Good general hygiene and an attention to cleanliness and grooming are pre-requisites.
  • Dress sense – being an escort is not about being slutty or overly revealing per se, stylish and chic girls are also much in demand. At the end of the day it is important to understand your clients’ requirements and also your own preferences.
  • An escort who is true to her self will be much sought after but do not mislead those clients who are looking for someone different: short term gain but not a longer term recipe for success.
  • A friendly personality is important: the ability to make someone feel at ease is a real asset.
  • Good communication skills are vital – as an escort you will meet all sorts of men from the confident to the shy and retiring. A relaxed approach, reading and responding to the initial signals is to be encouraged.
  • Intelligence goes a long way in all walks of life and it is no different in escort work – there are many men who will enjoy spending time with a girl they can talk to and spark off.
  • An open minded attitude – you will hear all sorts of things and if you immediately react in a negative fashion it can be counter-productive. Be prepared to listen and then respond honestly.
  • Broad minded – this is escort work after all and clients may want to discuss intimate topics.
  • Gently assertive – an escort should not feel pressured into agreeing something over the phone that they are unhappy with.

General Advice for Escorts

It is extremely rare in the escort industry for a lady to use her real name. Protect your identity by adopting a working name and having a mobile telephone especially for use in the job. Whilst most clients are legitimate and are just looking to enjoy time in the company of an attractive woman there are unscrupulous people who will try to take advantage of an escort and will offer to pay via some obscure means. Only take payments in cash.

When screening a client be sensitive as to whether they appear to be hiding something or if they give off any signals that you feel uncomfortable with. If at any point during a date you do not feel comfortable then you should make your excuses and leave. Always maintain contact with your escort agency – call when you arrive on a date and call again when the date is over. Be careful what you discuss in advance and never provide any information in writing that could cause you to fall foul of the law.

  • Use an alias.
  • Screen clients and do not be afraid to cancel a date if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Maintain contact with your agency.
  • Do not put yourself in a difficult legal situation by making any promises in writing re services that have repercussions legally.

Health – Advice for Escorts

It is important that as an escort you are in good health and that you take all possible precautions when providing a service to clients. Being prepared and also acting in a way that is consistent with good health practices is non-negotiable.

In respect of having a good time there is no reason why you should not enjoy a glass or two of wine but always stay in control of your faculties – this is especially important on a first date as you are yet to truly know the client. Keeping in shape will reap rewards and will also aid mental well-being: being an escort is a difficult job, given that you constantly have to be at your best, entertaining clients and exuding a sexy persona. An escort should also try to keep a good balance in her life between work and spending time away from the job. If you do decide to indulge in a sexual act with someone you like then make sure that you have a supply of good quality condoms available. Finally, good hygiene is a pre-requisite of the job. Regular health checks are strongly recommended.

  • Take health precautions – being an escort doesn’t mean that you abandon the common sense practices that you adopt in your everyday existence.
  • Never engage in any act that you feel may compromise your health.
  • Try to avoid Alchohol or drink in moderation.
  • Avoid Drugs !
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Have a good balance between work and home.
  • Book regular health checks.
  • Have quality condoms with you at all times.
  • Give hygiene due regard.

Dress Sense Advice for Escorts

Making a good first impression is really important and confident girls who give off an air of fun and make the most of a smile will go far. Never forget that being an escort is all about giving a client a pleasurable time in your company. Still, despite the client finding you attractive or sexy it would be a mistake to think that looks alone will be enough to please him. Just as in ‘real life’ when you go out on a date and spend time on your appearance it is important to make an effort when visiting a client as an escort. Making the most of one’s physical attributes can include using make up wearing sexy underwear that makes you feel special, donning high heels and one of your favourite dresses.

Be aware that not all clients are attracted to girls wearing the full ‘face mask’ (though some are of course) so remember that you have been booked on the basis of the description and photograph which appears on the escort agency site and as a rule of thumb you should not deviate too far from your ‘look’.

The best advice anyone can give is to just be ‘you’. If you feel comfortable and sexy in your outfit then it is likely that the client will respond accordingly. Of course the setting for the date can also determine what is and is not appropriate, clothing wise. A date at a fancy restaurant will dictate a different dress style to a night out clubbing or an intimate evening as a couple in a client’s home or hotel room. Cocktails in the lobby of a five star hotel will require a cocktail dress, a lunchtime appointment at a business meeting something more sober but still sexy. As a professional escort you will need to build a wardrobe capable of seeing you through a wide variety of scenarios.

The one thing that will help wherever you are going is a brief discussion with the client in advance of the assignation. What do they have planned? Again, it is likely that a client will have chosen you based on your photographs and that is the main clue – if they liked what you were wearing on the site then it is likely that they will have a similar style in mind for when they meet you in person. As in life, everyone has their own tastes and there is no one ‘photo-fit’ when it comes to what to wear. Do not feel that you have to play at being someone else. If you are uneasy it will come across. Never forget the client has chosen you for a reason, he likes you! One last thing, make sure wherever you go that you have the essentials safely stored in your handbag, be they perfume, toothbrush and toothpaste, make up and a spare pair of stockings!

  • Dress sense – being an escort is not about being slutty or overly revealing per se, stylish and chic girls are also much in demand. At the end of the day it is important to understand your clients’ requirements and also your own preferences.
  • Be aware of venue for the date and dress accordingly.
  • Be prepared for a last minute change in plans and prepare an alternative outfit if possible. At least carry a spare pair of stockings in your handbag.

Staying Safe – Important Information for Escorts

Only work with an escort agency that is professional when it comes to taking the safety of escorts seriously and never use your real name or address details with clients. Whilst you may find someone very pleasant to be with do not drop your guard and reveal information about yourself that could be used by someone with a hidden agenda. It may be that over time you do genuinely come to trust and care for an individual but even so, you should never feel pressured into revealing your real name, telephone number or address. If you do decide at some point that a relationship should progress beyond the boundaries of a business transaction then meet in a public place, preferably with friends nearby, as you would with any blind date or Internet dating site introduction. Just because you work as an escort it doesn’t mean that the normal rules don’t apply.

Staying safe can often come down to common sense. If your gut instinct tells you to be concerned then do not ignore the inner warning light.

  • Telephone the agency on arrival at the client’s home or hotel room and call again when leaving.
  • Reputable escort agencies employ drivers to ferry escorts to and from clients. The driver should discreetly wait for the escort during her appointment.
  • Use an alias.
  • Have a separate mobile phone that you use only for your escort work.
  • Never accept number withheld calls from a client.
  • Only use an email address that has been supplied by your agency and insist that the agency screen these emails to weed out any unpleasant or abusive ones.
  • Only work with an escort agency that makes an effort to verify a client’s identity.
  • Work with an agency that keeps track of clients who are a threat to the escorts and actively monitors calls to weed out such people.
  • Only meet up with one client at a time.
  • Meet at a hotel if possible but if at a private residence be happy with the surroundings before making contact with the client. Again we stress that it is much better to work with an agency that provides a driver who is there for you should you need him.
  • Make sure that you always act in a way that is not detrimental to your mental and physical well being. (See the ‘Health’ section for more information.)

Choosing an Escort Agency – a guide for prospective escorts

With many escort agencies in operation it can be a daunting decision for a budding escort to choose which one to sign up with. It is important to consider a number of factors when making this choice and not to base the decision purely on superficial financial grounds. Of course the rate of pay is important, but it is just one factor among many. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the economy will dictate a going rate. An agency will attract customers if the rate it advertises as being atypical of its escorts is ‘X’ and ‘X’ is seen to be good value. If another agency states that it can attract clients willing to pay ‘XX’ for your services remember that the higher advertised ball park price will determine the amount of business. Too high and you will not attract enough clients or will lose repeat business. At the end of the day it is the escort who decides the actual fee and pays a commission to the agency based on amount charged. In reality you will find that most agencies do suggest/recommend similar hourly rates – though the actual fee charged is always determined by the escort herself. Financial considerations aside we suggest that the following are the most important factors when determining which agency to sign up to:

  • High quality website or better still websites – the more places you are featured the more work is likely to come your way.
  • Honesty and Integrity – when dealing with your agency do you always feel respected and supported?
  • Commitment to the Client – agencies that genuinely look to provide a professional, discrete and customer focused service are more likely to be successful and enjoy repeat business.
  • Track Record – how long has the agency been in existence. We would strongly recommend that you choose an established escort agency, doubly important if you are new to the business: you need to feel that you will be well looked after.
  • Client Reviews and Recommendations – does the agency actively encourage client feedback and does it act on it? If one of the escorts at the site is creating difficulties and the issues are not addressed it will affect business across the whole agency.
  • Guidance for first time escorts – select an agency that will support you through your first appointments, providing good advice and taking a genuine interest in your well being.
  • Only work with agencies that take escort safety seriously.
  • Choose an agency that will arrange to have professional photographs taken.
  • Never work with an agency that is attempting to operate outside of the tax laws. A reputable agency is a safe agency.
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