Rules of Membership


Membership of UK SEA is open to any escort agency within the United Kingdom that operates to the following standards of business practice:

  • Is a genuine escort agency offering real girls for companionship services.
  • All escorts must be over eighteen years of age.
  • Publishes only genuine information about the services provided and the escorts advertised.
  • Uses only genuine photographs of escorts on the website.
  • Does not use stock photographs of models or other girls taken or purchased from the internet or photographs of girls who do not work for the agency in order to fool would be clients.
  • Operates within the boundaries of UK law.
  • Treats clients in an honourable way, with courtesy and discretion.

As a member of UK SEA you may use the UK SEA logo and accreditation symbols only on the website that has been accredited by us. You may not use the logos, trademarks, name or symbols of UK SEA for any other purpose than to demonstrate that you are a member of the society. We offer logos in various colours to meet the colour scheme of your website. Logos may not be altered or defaced, but may be resized to suit. A link to UK SEA must be embedded within any logos used and no other links may be substituted or added.

Members agree to comply with all rules of membership and should a member decide to end their association with UK SEA they must inform us in writing and immediately remove all logos and references to UK SEA. Fees paid are not refundable at any time.

When applying for membership of UK SEA you must not make any false representations. We actively monitor sites using our logos and will vigorously pursue any non-member site that claims membership or exhibits our trademarks, logos, UK SEA name or falsely claims to be a member. Membership is on an annual basis. At the end of each twelve month period a member should contact us to renew their membership at the annual fee.

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