Code of Conduct

For Members

We expect members of UK SEA to follow the rules of membership and to conduct business in line with the law. Members should not indulge in any practises that would result in bringing UK SEA into disrepute, in particular dealing with clients in an ethical, honest and professional manner. Only the approved representatives of UK SEA, i.e. ‘the owners’, may speak on the behalf of UK SEA. Members must not give the impression at any time that they are speaking or communicating on our behalf.


UK SEA will safeguard members’ information and will not use any information provided for any purposes other than the administration of membership. We will never sell on or share any member details or information provided to us other than as stated under terms of membership i.e. listing member sites on the UK SEA website. We will add to the content of this site from time to time and will endeavour to amend or add to information that is no longer relevant or requires enhancement.

Ultimately UK SEA has the aim of improving the image of the escort business, providing some level of assurance to clients of escort agencies and setting standards for all escort agencies to aspire to, and providing guidance and support that helps to raise the standards of professionalism in escort services.

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