UKSEA Guidance and Support

Our Purpose

Welcome to UK SEA, the United Kingdom Society of Escort Agencies. Our primary objective is to assist consumers in making an informed and safe choice when booking an escort. There are so many escort agencies in existence that operate in an unscrupulous and misleading manner and UK SEA hopes to combat this by providing information and setting standards that we hope escort agencies will adhere to.

The main ways in which fake escort agencies function is either to offer services and take payment without any intention of supplying said services or to advertise escorts using false or enhanced photographs which give the prospective client a false impression. In some cases a completely different girl to the one booked can even be dispatched to the unsuspecting consumer. Another under-hand practice is to place the client in an embarrassing or even threatening situation whilst demanding payment for ‘extras’. Given this widespread abuse membership of UK SEA provides a welcome level of reassurance to paying customers.

UK SEA also aims to provide guidance and support to British based Escort Agencies, enabling them to shape and tailor services based on best practice to meet the actual needs and expectations of clients.

Finally, UK SEA provides a comprehensive and growing resource bank of information for escort agencies, escorts and the users of escort services. As always in life however, you must make your own decision and judge an agency on your own criteria and not assume that the UK SEA logo makes for a risk free decision – sites can change hands, change their terms and conditions or choose to operate in a way at odds with the UK SEA philosophy and whilst we endeavour to only allow genuine sites to feature our logo we do not monitor sites in real time.

Why Should Your Escort Agency Join UK SEA?

Why join UK SEA? Once accredited, your escort services web site will receive the UK Sea of Approval, a highly visible symbol of your professional, honest and client focussed approach. Prospective clients will be reassured by your commitment to excellence and will therefore be more likely to book an escort from you than a competitor agency without UK SEA accreditation.

How to Join

Simply register via the ‘Apply to Join’ page, providing a link to your web site and other relevant details as listed. If you have any general queries get in touch using the form on the ‘Contact UKSEA’ page. The joining fee is £195 per website which covers the first year of membership. Thereafter the fee is £95 per website per year charged on annual basis. We must stress that only escort agencies that are committed to service excellence and have a track record of honesty and integrity in their dealings with clients will be considered for inclusion to UK SEA. For the small subscription you receive the following benefits:

  • Your website will be reviewed in respect of those features which are more or less likely to reassure clients and a brief UK SEA report will be provided for your information. If the website meets the published criteria then your agency will become an affiliate member of the UK Society of Escort Agencies.
  • Use of the UK SEA logo on the accredited website.
  • Your website will feature in our directory of approved agencies, giving confidence to prospective clients and would be escorts alike.
  • Access to a password protected access to a bank of helpful documents that will assist you in developing your business philosophy, your website and also provide training and information resources for use with new and existing escorts.

ALL escort agencies on the UK SEA list have been reviewed and approved

UK SEA Accredited escort agencies:

  • Have established high standards for business practice
  • Display the actual photographs of the escorts, not fake model pictures or enhanced images
  • Provide real biographical information about the featured escorts
  • Utilise safe working practices

Important Notice

There is only one UK SEA. Please take care when faced with other organisations that claim to provide a similar database of approved agencies as many can simply be a search engine optimisation tool intent on generating visitors to specific escort sites rather than being focussed on supporting the escort agency to provide a high quality, genuine and client based service. You can usually spot such sites by the use of poor grammar, spelling errors, a style over substance approach and a lack of clarity in respect of the standards expected of their members. They will often be free to join and may have broken links to agencies that no longer exist, if they existed at all or they may have large numbers of sites that are awaiting accreditation and/or sites listed which never receive said accreditation but remain on the organisation’s site.

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