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"The UK Society of Escort Agencies provides
guidance and support to British based
Escort Agencies, and helps consumers to make an
informed and safe choice when booking an escort."

When you visit a website featuring the UK Sea logo it provides you with a level of confidence that the agency is striving to deliver a genuine, trustworthy service. With so many unscrupulous and fake escort agencies appearing on an almost daily basis, clients are looking for reassurance that they are dealing with a genuine agency. Professional escort agencies with an interest in providing a quality service value the UK SEA accreditation. If an agency website doesn’t state UK SEA of approval then we suggest that you consider taking your custom to one that does.

Member Sites

  • Are committed to customer service
  • Offer only genuine escorts
  • Display terms and conditions
  • Provide one click access to escort details
  • Have a simple booking process
  • Give a friendly and helpful booking service
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